At Seas Your Dreams, our mission is focused on those that need a little more help and support than others. Our initial concept was to provide those with challenging circumstances (mental and physical) an opportunity to change their environment and give them a new outlook. The ocean has always been a place where our founder could jump on his boat and have all the daily stress just melt away. Having friends that are doctors and mentors, he had the opportunity to take out some kids that needed this experience. The satisfaction and smiles on their faces were enough to make this a dream he wanted to continue to provide.

Over the past years, his involvement in scientific research has brought about new opportunities to create three main pillars for the foundation:

Helping Others – Because everyone needs a hand
Mentoring Growth – Because future leaders need good role models
Support Science – Because our kids deserve a clean, preserved ocean


Mentor + Growth


Friendly girls and guys singing by guitar by campfire





Let’s face it, being out on the water is definitely better than any day at the office, but what if your normal day was in a hospital or doing a treatment? Imagine what happens when we change the “norm” for a day of adventure and change? Not only do they benefit, but our crew  has a new perspective and love for the change they are making in someones life.

It started off with the who – anyone can start a charter company and take people out for money, but the expectations are high, and the satisfaction is not always there for either party. So, the question was, who would appreciate it more than anyone else?

It started with a kid with a brain seizures. Then it was a big brother that was mentoring a troubled youth. Then a pastor who could not afford a getaway. Then a scientific research team needed a boat and a captain for a conservation mission…and every day it’s something new and it just keeps on expanding.

This brought us to the why – because everyone needs a little support! Whether it is someone who has the same medical routine every week, or the kid that lives in the inner city and has never fished or snorkeled, or the scientific team that is limited in funds, or the teen that will be our next leader and needs a good mentor…that is the why.

There are so many chances for us to make a good impression, change someones direction, or even give them a little more hope…why wouldn’t we try our best to do this?


One of the main objectives has always been to provide kids with physical and mental challenges a great experience, but also give their care takers an experience in a different environment where they can have fun too.

When we take our groups out, it’s all about them. We cater to their needs, wants, desires and we try to provide them an experience they will never forget. There are no rules (well sort of), it’s all about the guest and what they want to do: catch a fish, cruise looking for dolphin, swim on a reef, walk on an island beach, see a lighthouse, cruise the Miami skyline – if we can do it, we will.

We are currently only able to accommodate guests that are fully mobile, if you have any questions please fill out the contact sheet and we will assess on an individual basis. Eventually we want to evolve into a more inclusive experience with more support functions.


If everyone made it where they are today, on their own, with no help, there would be very few successful stories. We all had a helping hand along the way whether it was at school, church, community or other organizations. So that is why we support those around us…so they can continue to make a difference.

Our mentoring pillar extends this platform to other organizations such as churches, mission groups, community outreach, family development programs and more. The goal is to put our future leaders on the boat for an entire day, with role models that can reach out and connect in a way that will never happen in the regular environment. This platform tears down walls and opens communication channels between two worlds that don’t usually collide.

We are building relationships, giving hope, and introducing these future leaders to people that can offer a helping hand and return the favors they have received. We encourage our community leaders to volunteer a day to show these groups they are important, and spend quality time, one on one.


This pillar came about a few years ago, and quite by accident. A scientific research team was scheduled for an expedition and the boat they planned, ended up not working out. We received a call and felt this was an opportunity to give back and help them complete their mission. It has now turned into one of the pillars we love to support whenever we can.

Whether we are taking scientist to collect water samples, taking divers to reef clean ups, carrying people to local islands to pick up garbage, and even as crazy as catching sharks to tag and release, it all helps protect the waters we play in, and we are ready to assist. This is our way of supporting those that protect our resources.


marine biologist measures bleached coral


Captains and Mates – If you are an experienced person on the water and want to provide assistance on any of our excursions, please leave us your contact information and we will reach out to you and let you know more about being on our team. We will not use your email to solicit funds and we won’t give it away.

Organizations and Non-Profits – We want to help you. We are NOT a selfish organization. If you see this as an alternative means to support your patients, members, or anyone else that is in need let us know and we will provide an outlet. If you have an organization that provides assistance and you feel you can support us with food for the trips, drinks, any swag… let us know. If you are doing good for our community, we want to support you as well.

Donors – We all know that these things cost money. We have boat payments each month. We have insurance each month for the boat and for liability. We have to purchase gas, food and drinks for each trip. If we don’t have captains to donate their time, we have to hire them for the day. We have to pay for marina storage. However, one thing we don’t pay for is staff. All of our staff to date is volunteer so 100% of your donations go to the operations of the foundation.